Meteor Class (Year 3)

Polar Regions


During the spring term, Meteor Class will be learning about the freezing polar regions.

To start our new topic off, we will become artists will look at the beautiful Northern Lights and create our own tie-dye patterns to represent them. We will begin to work on simple stitches to turn these into tapestries to hang. 


As well as this, we shall become Geographers as we learn about the location of the polar regions, and compare its location using map work. We will be learning all about how Volcanoes work and are formed, linking this to volcanoes around the world, and the polar regions. We will become Historians as we learn about Ernest Shackleton and his expeditions to Antarctica, and will try our hand at some polar survival skills. 


To compliment our topic, our English texts will be the fiction book 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells, where we follow Ivan on his quest to save his brother from the feared Starjik, and the non-fiction text 'Shakleton's Journey' by William Grill. We shall use these as stimulus for our English, but will also support our Time to Be... learning. 


As scientists, we will be learning about plants, how they grow and their different parts. We will gets hands on with this learning and grow some different plants in our school grounds.