Meteor Class (Year 3)

What a Wonderful World...

As part of our whole school theme, we will be learning about how our wonderful world came to be, and will look at how the Stone Age helped shape the world we know. Year 3 will become geographers, historians, artists and designers as part of this learning. 

As geographers, we will locate Stone Age settlements, develop our map knowledge by studying human geography, and how this has changed over time. We will continue to develop our knowledge of world countries and their locations. As historians, we will look at how the Stone Age lived, and how our lives today are similar/different. We shall follow time through to the Iron Age and see how civilisation changed. As artists, we will be making observational drawing of historical artefacts, and try our hands at some cave art. We will link our English text (‘Ug’ by Raymond Briggs) to become designers, where we shall invent solutions to modern day dilemmas. 

As part of our Time to Be... learning, we will have two visits from The History Man, Paul Ulson, who will take us back in time to the savage Stone Age, the brilliant Bronze Age, and the incredible Iron Age.