Meteor Class (Year 3)

Summer Term 2018

Our summer term topic is ‘Stone Age’.

During our ‘Stone Age’ topic we will get a chance to research the Stone Age period through different means such as internet, books and school trips.

Once we have researched, we will get to present our facts through a PowerPoint presentation.

Our main focus this term will therefore be ICT and History.

As well as History and ICT there will also be a huge focus on Art. We will get opportunities to look closely at real cave art from the Stone Age period.

We will then design and produce our own Cave art work.

This will involve using many skills such as mixing colours, hatching and cross hatching.

In English we will be focusing on the famous ‘Stig of the Dump’ text by Clive King.

Stig has been camping out in our school field! We will have a good look at his belongings to find out more facts about the Stone Age.

We will learn part of the ‘Stig of the Dump’ story and use this to create our own narrative.

In our narrative, we will be including character and setting description and speech.

Maths will involve lots of practical experiences of measuring. We will get a chance to weigh Stig’s food that he has been growing.

We will then move on to time and then multiplication and division to end the year.

Science will give us a chance to look at muscles and bones in humans and animals, including animals which were found in the Stone Age period.