Meteor Class (Year 3)


For the Autumn term, year 3 will be learning all about the Victorians and how life was almost 200 years ago! Through our learning we will become historians, artists, scientists and designers in our 'Time to Be...' sessions, as well as developing our writing skills in English. 

 In English we will develop our writing in different genres by writing persuasive letters to a Victorian housekeeper. We shall choose to apply for a servants job and try to convince her to pick us for the job! We will work on using conjunctions, persuasive language and ensuring our sentence structures are accurate.

In History, we will learn all about Queen Victoria's life, who she was and her empire. We will use a range of sources and research to inform our writing, and create our own leaflets on Queen Victoria, writing factual information about her life for others to read. 

When we become Artists, we will look at the work of the famous Victorian artist, William Morris. We will understand what kind of artist he was and what art he produced. Our end product will be to produce some Morris inspired wallpaper prints, which we shall design and make ourselves. We will learn how to make a printing block and use rollers and ink to create a repeated pattern. 

For our Science work this half term, we will be looking at light. We will understand how light is produced and how it reflects. We will learn that sunlight can be dangerous and ways to protect ourselves from it, and we will investigate shadows. Our investigation will ask us to see what happens to shadows when light sources are moved, and we will create a Victorian shadow silhouette to show this. 

For our DT work, we will become designers and create our own replica Victorian toys. We will learn all about toys from this period, what they were made from and have a look at some. After this, we will design our own and make them, as well as evaluating our final product. We shall share these in class and decide which toys were the most fun to own. 

In Maths we will be learning about number and place value, as well as the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In PE we will work on our throwing and catching skills, using these in game situations in netball.