Mental Health and Wellbeing at TPA

Senior Mental Health Lead - Miss Iles 

Pupil Wellbeing Lead - Miss Iles 

What is Mental Health?

‘Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realise their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community. It is an integral component of health and well-being that underpins our individual and collective abilities to make decisions, build relationships and shape the world we live in…..It is a complex continuum, which is experienced differently from one person to the next.’ (World Health organisation) 

What is Wellbeing? 

‘Well-being can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”

Wellbeing is a broad concept which looks at aspects including; how satisfied a person is with their life as a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel, as well as how healthy and comfortable a person is feeling. 

At Tangmere Primary Academy, we are committed to supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of our whole school community (children, staff, parents and carers). We recognise that mental health and emotional wellbeing is just as important to our lives as physical health. At TPA we endeavour to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress. We aim to ensure that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We also have a role to ensure that children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health, what affects their mental health, how they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where they can go if they need help and support. 

The TPA Vision is to ‘provide every child with the primary experience that best prepares them for their futures’ 

Our curriculum is bespoke to the children it serves, ensuring that it allows the children the opportunity to access a wide range of experiences that allow them to widen their aspirations and learn about a wide range of activities/ extra curricular activities that they enjoy. We strive for our curriculum to enable all pupils to become resilient, independent, curious and creative leaders who think for themselves. Our curriculum aims to enable all pupils to pursue their future ambitions and goals and go on to lead happy and successful lives.  

The starting point for learning is a positive ethos and climate of respect and trust based upon shared values across the school community, including amongst parents, pupils and staff.  Everything that we do at TPA is underpinned by our RESPECT agenda of:-



Sensible and Safe






In school support for Mental Health and Wellbeing at TPA consists of: 

  • ACE Tutors - for Pupil Premium children. 

  • ELSA - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. 

  • Mental Health First Aid trained staff. 

  • Referrals to outside agencies such as; CAMHS, Thought-Full service, Single Point of Access, Nursing Service, Early Help.