Being A Part of the TPA Community - The Sign - Up

This is the agreement that as a member of the TPA community, you sign up to. This is the agreement currently in place and is due to be consulted upon with children, parents/carers and staff in the Spring term: 

If I am a child at TPA, I sign up to:

  • attending school every day that I am well enough to do so

  • being on time for the beginning of school every day

  • bringing  my book bag (EYFS – Year 3) or a suitable bag (Years 4 – 6)to school with the appropriate books etc every day

  • wearing the correct school uniform and taking pride in my appearance

  • making sure I have my PE kit in school every day and especially on the days I have PE (EYFS)

  • making sure I wear my PE kit into school on the days that I have PE, in line with school PE kit expectations (Years 1 - 6)

  • carrying out my home learning to the best of my ability and handing it in to my class teacher on time

  • having respect for myself, for the people around me and for my environment

  • doing my best at all times and in all situations

  • making sure I talk to someone if I have a problem or if anything is worrying me

  • showing that I am aware of and understand the school’s expectations in the way I behave and the way I carry out my learning

If I am a mum, dad or carer of a child/children at TPA, I sign up to:

  • ensuring my child/children attend school every day that they are well enough to do so

  • ensuring that my child/children are on time for school every day

  • ensuring that my child/children are properly equipped for school every day with named uniform, book bag/suitable bag (year group appropriate) and PE kit

  • letting the school know of any issues, concerns, worries that may affect my child’s/children’s learning

  • supporting my child/children with any work that is brought home eg: reading, spellings and weekly home learning

  • ensuring that my child/children realise the importance of home learning, that it needs to be completed and handed in on time and that it should be done to the best of their ability

  • attending parent meetings twice a year in the Autumn and Spring terms

  • supporting the different events in the school

  • ensuring that my child/children are aware and understand the expectations that the school has regarding their behaviour and attitude to learning

  • encouraging good behaviour and supporting the behaviour policy of the school

  • ensuring that I keep the school informed of my contact details and update them whenever they change – providing the school with at least two working contact numbers  

  • reading communication that comes from the school and responding as appropriate

If I am an adult working at TPA, I sign up to:

  • ensuring that children are safe, happy and moving forward with their learning

  • encouraging good - 96%+ - attendance

  • encouraging children to arrive on time for the start of the school day, every day

  • having an open door policy that ensures that parents feel welcome into the school

  • holding parent meetings twice a year in the Autumn and Spring terms (Teachers)

  • producing an annual written report on children’s progress and attainment (Teachers)

  • keeping everyone informed of the things going on in school and changes that are happening through communications home and on the school website

  • listening to and responding to any concerns, issues or questions that are raised

  • providing an exciting and stimulating environment that supports and motivates children in their learning

  • providing a curriculum that is exciting and motivating for the children of Tangmere

  • ensuring that we are providing learning experiences that are exciting and creative for your child

  • providing high standards of teaching and learning that build confidence, independence and inspire your child/children to be aspirational in their goals for life