Whole Class Reading

At Tangmere, we teach skills of word reading, fluency and comprehension in whole class sessions.  Each session will begin with a focus on word reading, decoding, fluency or vocabulary development.  At the beginning of a reading unit, a large focus will be on reading the text to fluency, developing an understanding of the words and vocabulary of the text and ensuring that children have the appropriate and necessary background knowledge to be able to make links and understand the context of the text.  Time to be Reader lessons have a large focus on oral discussion, allowing pupils to share thoughts and ideas and develop their ability to be able to discuss what they have heard in a constructive way.

Once pupils are familiar with texts, the focus for the learning moves to skills such as: predicting, summarising, clarifying and commenting on author's word choice and its effect on the reader.  To ensure progression over their time at TPA, we follow TKAT’s progression in reading - word reading and comprehension.  These documents can be found at the bottom of the page.

Over a year, children will explore whole texts, picture books, extracts and parts of texts, poems and songs - some modern classics and some older texts exposing children to a range of contexts and text structures.  Further information about the range of texts children read can be found in our Reading Spines documents at the bottom of the page.  These were updated in November 2022 but will be periodically updated to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality and allow us to make the best links with the rest of the curriculum.


Downloads Date  
KS1 KS2 Word Reading 19th Dec 2022 Download
KS1 KS2 Comprehension 19th Dec 2022 Download
Reception Reading spine .docx 19th Dec 2022 Download
Year 1 Reading spine final 19th Dec 2022 Download
Year 2 Reading Spine final.docx 19th Dec 2022 Download
Year 3 Reading spine Final.docx 19th Dec 2022 Download
Y4 Reading Spine final.docx 19th Dec 2022 Download
Y5 Reading spine.docx 19th Dec 2022 Download
Y6 Reading spine.docx 19th Dec 2022 Download