At Tangmere Primary Academy we use a variety of approaches to give our children a diverse and varied physical education. Children will receive both indoor and outdoor lessons, and will experience a number of different sports and developmental activities throughout their time at our school.

One of our approaches uses Real PE, which uses a unique, child-centred approach to include, challenge and support every child. It links the fundamental movements (ABC - agility, balance and coordination) and whole-child development (personal, social, cognitive, creative and physical). Children work on a different area each half term, and these all work together to support children in their understanding of healthy active lives and becoming their competitive best.


Real PE lessons are structured in the following way:

Warm Up - Real PE warm ups use games and activities to encourage children to develop key areas that link to the lesson, and use prior learning from previous units. They have been designed to warm children up and get them physically ready for their PE lesson. 

Knowledge and Technique Learning - during this part of the lesson, the children focus on the fundamental movements (ABC) and work at their own ability levels. These are modelled to the children carefully and support is provided to push the children to their potential. There are various elements of differentiation that will allow all children to achieve and challenge themselves in the lesson. 

Knowledge and Technique Application - Once the children have practised the skill and movement, they are able to apply it to an activity. These are done in different ways depending on the age group of the children. 

In Early Years this application is completed through a story-based activity that allows them to 'act out' the skill they have practised. 

In KS1, children are given small physical challenges and games that allow them to apply the skills learned.

In KS2 children practise the skill through small competitive challenges and games. 

Learning Review - At the end of a lesson, there is always an opportunity for children to reflect on their own learning, as well as giving peer feedback and support. They will revisit the success criteria and use this to help them identify what went well and any areas for development. 

As well as using Real PE, we also provide children with a second PE lesson that focus more on games and sports. Here, children will take part in team sports, such as tennis, basketball, cricket and dance. These lessons build on the skills that are learned in Real PE and put them into more competitive sport situations. Lower down the school, in EYFS and KS1, there will be learning on multi skills in order to develop children's coordination, balance and agility before they begin to apply this to sports later on. 

We also offer our children PE lessons with a specialist sports coach who will focus on more specialised sports, such as lacrosse and archery, as well as our curriculum planned sports, such as football and gymnastics. Children will work with these specialist coaches on multiple occasions throughout the year, and will continue to develop the skills that are focused on in our Real PE lessons. 


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