At TPA we are passionate about our children being able to achieve their full potential and being happy and well-rounded learners.  We value the positive relationships that we have with students and families to enable us, where possible, to tailor our provision to meet the individual needs of our learners. We are therefore excited to be implementing the TKAT ACE Programme that builds on these values.

What is the ACE Programme? 

The ACE Programme has been developed to ensure that each child who is entitled to Pupil Premium funding has a member of staff (an ACE Tutor) that will be their ambassador/ advocate to support them in achieving their full potential while at TPA. Our ACE Tutors meet with our Pupil Premium children regularly on a 1:1 basis.  It is a pastoral intervention which is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual child in order to help them break down barriers and support them to achieve.

The aim of the ACE Tutor Programme is to:

  • Ensure that all pupil premium children and their families have a trusted staff member for which they have regular contact with throughout the year/ school journey.

  • Support the child and family in identifying barriers and setting up strategies to support with this. 

  • Work on improving attendance and punctuality (where appropriate). 

  • Support the child with any school related issues 

  • Support the children with any friendship, emotional or behaviours issues

  • Support/ signpost the family with any financial issues.

How are the Family involved?

We appreciate the vital role that parents and carers play within a child’s development and therefore, our ACE Tutors will act as a link between the child, the child’s family, school staff and any relevant outside agencies (where appropriate).  Enabling safe spaces for trusted conversations where parents and children can express what is important to them in the child’s learning and progress.  Time to signpost and make links with any agencies, and time for staff to offer any required support such as help with school uniform (including a free pair of school shoes), referrals for other agencies etc. 

The ACE Tutors will make contact with Parents to gain their views and updates, to enable the provision to be adapted as needed. 

Who are our ACE Tutors?

Mrs Reed

Mrs Gilbert

Mrs Wernham

Mrs Heathorn

What does an ACE Tutor Session look like?

These sessions are tailored specifically to support the individual child.  Therefore, each child’s provision will look very different.  It is predominantly a pastoral programme, however the children may access one/ some of the following activities:

  • Time to talk to a trusted adult about something on their mind. 

  • Arts and crafts

  • Cooking

  • Support with homework

  • Additional reading / phonics

  • Additional basic maths support. 

  • Educational games 

  • Small world and role play activities 

  • Focus on friendship skills through group activities 

  • Looking at daily routines and boundaries. 

  • Meetings with family members to get a full understanding of the individual child’s needs.