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At TPA, we have been teaching many aspects of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education for several years - some discretely and some linked to our themes and key texts.  The Government made PSHE a statutory subject in September 2020, meaning that schools must teach it and set out guidance around what pupils should know by the end of their time in primary and secondary school.  The government guidance can be found by clicking on this link  We used this opportunity to review our PSHE offer.

We are part of a project with West Sussex County Council called Education for Safeguarding (E4S).  This essentially sets out PSHE as a curriculum to help children understand the world they are growing up in, teaching them how to keep themselves safe in all areas of their world and giving every child the best chance for their lives ahead.  

The E4S curriculum is based around 4 key cornerstones:

  • Relationship and Health Education

  • Digital and Media Literacy

  • Physical Health and Wellbeing

  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing

In May and June 2021, we undertook a thorough consultation with staff, parents, governors and children.  The outcomes of this consultation are shared on the right hand side of this page.  

Following the consultation, we used E4S tools to create a bespoke curriculum based on our children’s needs. Following this, we looked for links with other curriculum areas and identified opportunities where content could be taught through our key texts, allowing the children to distance their learning and provide a context for discussion.  PSHE/E4S is also taught discretely in a subject the children will know as TTB Citizens.  The letter and accompanying video explanation about the consultation process can be found at the bottom of the page.

We will revisit our consultation bi-annually, and update our curriculum accordingly to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the children.

Further information about our approach to PSHE, including our approach to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at TPA is found in the documents list at the bottom of the page.  This has been produced following consultation with staff, governors and parents.


Downloads Date  
TPA TKAT Relationships Education Policy... 12th Dec 2022 Download
PSHE 19.05.21 1 12th Dec 2022 Download
Childrens pshe consultations for website 12th Dec 2022 Download
TPA Parents PSHE consultation 12th Dec 2022 Download
Parents Guide to Sex Education 12th Dec 2022 Download