Fury Class (Year 1)

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to year 1!

I am thrilled to be in year 1 this year as we have so many fun topics and activities planned.

Our first topic of the Autumn term is ‘All About Me’.

During this topic we will learn about different body parts and why we have them. In science we will specifically be looking at our 5 senses and what body parts they are linked to. We have some activities ahead of us which involve tasting, feeling, smelling, looking and hearing!

In English we will be creating a fact file all about ourselves. This way we can get to know each other including what our favourite food is!

We will be learning all about numbers during maths. We will be mainly working with numbers up to 20 so we become extremely confident with these. We will be counting forwards and backwards and even start counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In PE we will be focussing on movement. This will involve us skipping, jumping, hopping and much more.

I’m particularly looking forward to art this half term as we will get a chance to look at famous self portraits as well as draw our own!

Please see the weekly planning letters for information on what the children have been up to!

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