Support SEND


At Tangmere Academy we aim to ensure that every child aspires to fulfil their full potential, regardless of any difficulties or differences they may have. 

 Under the Code of Practice 2014, there are four broad categories of need which are encompassed within SEND.  These are:

  • Communication and Interaction (SLCN)- when children have difficulties communicating with others.  This may be due to difficulties in speech articulation, understanding of what has been said or poor understanding or use of the social rules of communication.  Those children with ASD may have particular difficulties with social interaction, language, communication and/ or imagination which can impact on how they relate with others.


  • Cognition and Learning – extra support may be needed when children are learning at a slower rate than their peers even with the usual differentiation within the class.  This may include: Moderate (MLD), severe (SLD), Profound and multiple (PMLD) and specific (SpLD) (which affects 1 or more aspects of learning such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia).


  • Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties – these may manifest in many ways such as; withdrawn, isolated, challenging behaviour, disruptive etc.  These behaviours may be an underlying response to a need such as; anxiety, depression, self-harming, eating disorder etc.  Some children may need support due to having a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or Attachment disorder. 

  • Sensory or Physical Needs- children may need specialist support or equipment  due to a disability that prevents or hinders them from the use of educational facilities.  These may include; visual impairment (VI), Hearing impairment (HI), or multi- sensory (MSI).


This section of the website has been created to assist families in supporting their children's needs, by signposting a number of organisations and charities that offer support for families, schools and professionals. 

It also holds information on different learning differences as well as strategies and resources which may be helpfully in helping children to achieve their true potential in and out of the classroom. 

Often children/ people experience difficulties with more than one area of learning so it is worth exploring the different sections of this part of the website.

Some organisations that offer support for a variety of SEND needs can be found below. 


Reaching familes was set up to “…empower, inform and support parents and families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in West Sussex”. With AMAZE they have created a number of factsheets on a variety of different SEND needs along with some specific fact sheets regarding how to support children with SEND during the coronavirus lockdown.  This organisation also offers and signposts useful books, groups, counselling services, Facebook groups and training to support families.

WSCC logo

West Sussex are offering a different range of resources due to the covid-19 lockdown - please see tab on the right of this page for more details of how parentss can contact different agencies if they have concerns.  One oft hese services is the Educational Psychology service  community call back service for more information see

Please see the WS website for ongoing signposting to  useful sites and information regarding home learning


Logo-with-border pacso

PACSO is a local charity that supports children with disabilities and their families who live within the Chichester and Arun areas of West Sussex.  This charity also offers a range of respite activities and events for the whole family.

Tel: 01243 533353



Chatterpack logo 

Chatter Pack is an organisation which offers a range of advice, resources and support for families, schools and professionals working with children with a range of different needs. 

Aspens logo

Aspens deliver services across West Sussex for children and young people who fall into the following categories:

  • They have complex needs
  • They are/are not attending school or college
  • They are unable to access group-based activities due to social anxiety, challenging behaviour etc.
  • Their mental health and well-being has been affected by becoming socially isolated because they don't feel able to leave their home
  • They have previously been unable to access any short breaks provision

Tel: 01892 822 168


BBC bitesize logo 

BBC Bitesize offers an SEND Parent's Toolkit.  This offeres a range of video clips to share guidance on how to support chidlren with SEND to manage their anxieties during Covid-19.  It also affers a range of clips exploring how to support children with a range of differences including hearing and visual impairments, dyspraxia, autism and more. 


Short Breaks 

Short Breaks have created a number of resources to support families with information and activities to keep the children occupied at home.