Year 6

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As part of our Sensational Science Week, Year 6 researched different Christmas light decorations and then created circuit diagrams to ensure we ‘bought’ the necessary equipment. We made our designs from a range of materials, and then attached our electrical circuits. 

To make it more of a challenge, we had to budget ourselves in order to try to make as much of a ‘profit’ as possible – unfortunately it wasn’t real money!  We had to calculate carefully to ensure we didn’t blow our budgets.

Year 6 Visit to Tangmere Aviation Museum

On Wednesday 15th November, Year 6 paid a visit to the Aviation Museum which, fortunately for our feet, is situated on the edge of our village.  The Museum is run entirely by volunteers, many of whom have been pilots for the RAF and have amazing stories about World Wars 1 and 2.

The aim of the visit was to learn more about the planes from World War 2, with a particular focus on The Battle Of Britain.  We enjoyed the detailed tour of the wonderful museum exhibits, before trying out the flight simulators and seats of different plane cockpits. 

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On Friday 13th October, Year 6 pupils were invited to attend the 10th Eco Sumit, held at Chichester High School. We all had a great time taking part in various workshops that taught us more about how to look after the planet and our environment.  Activities ranged from making butter and "carding" wool, to tasting chocolate and making our own wind turbines! A really informative and enjoyable day.