The school day

Our children’s day begins promptly at 8.45 am.

The school is judged upon the attendance and punctuality of the children. We feel it would be unfair to reward children for attendance as the only reason that a child’s attendance percentage would be affected is due to them being ill and this cannot be helped. If they are well enough to come to school though, then they should be on time. This is really important as arriving late can have a negative effect on their learning that day. 

8.15am Breakfast Club (Please do not arrive in school any earlier than 8.15am as there is no supervision until this time)

Please Note: The latest time that Breakfast club will serve food is 8.40am.

8.35am Doors Open (There will be an adult at each of the outside doors to take any messages to be passed onto classteachers)

8.45am Doors Shut (any children arriving after this time to come in the main doors and to be signed in at the office)

3.00pm Children in Years 1 – 4 come out of their back doors, Years 5 and 6 come out of their main doors (Teachers are then available for approx. 10 minutes)