Fury Class (Year 1)

Spring Term 2017 topic

Spring Term - Rainforests

In Year 1 this term we will be exploring the Rainforest! We will be deepening our understanding of what the rainforest is and how it is different from our own climate. We will work on our map skills by locating rainforests throughout the world and studying South America as a country, looking at how the culture is different from our own. During our science lessons, the children have asked why the rainforest is so wet, so we will be understanding the water cycle to try and answer this. We shall also learn about materials and which come from the rainforest, as well as classifying the plants and animals who live in this habitat. 

We will get creative by making rainforest animal masks, studying animal patterns and plants. We shall also write our own fact-files on animals and re-write the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' to have a rainforest theme! 

Our topic will also see us visiting Marwell Zoo to have a chance to see some of these rainforest animals and experience the climate! 


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