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Sunflower Class - Reception

Spring Term 2nd Half 2018 In Sunflower Class FS2
This half term we will be working on the topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’. We will be finding out about castles and the people who live in them. We have turned our classroom into our very own castle and will be reading stories and information books to find out as much as we can about castles now and in the past.
Some of the texts that we will use include:
The Traditional Tale - Sleeping Beauty 
Describing and comparing the characters
Talking about what we would wish for if we were good fairies and making potions
Acting out the story
Finding out what happens at a christening
In the Castle by Anna Milbourne
Researching castles and their different features
Creating our own fact sheet about castles
Building and describing different castles using 2D and 3D shapes
George and the Dragon by Christopher Wormell
Discussing situations in which we can be brave
Drawing and writing about our own imaginary dragon
Making dragon models
As well as our topic work, we will be continuing with our phonics programme and covering the following areas in maths: Pattern, reciting numbers to 100, counting up to 20 objects, estimating, finding pairs of numbers that total 10, adding one more/less, subtracting one more/one less.

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