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Sunflower Class - Nursery

Our Nursery Class is called Sunflower Class and is sometimes referred to as Foundation Stage 1 (FS1).  Within Sunflower Class we are pleased to have a fantastic team of experienced staff, who work hard to ensure that our children are school ready by the time they leave us.  These adults are Mrs Mulry and Miss Biddulph and Miss Iles.  We are open from 9am until 12pm Monday to Friday.  For further information about our Early Years department, please see out Early Years (EYFS) Policy attached.

Home Learning Lending Library:

We have spent some of our Early Years Pupil Premium funding on setting up our Sunflower Class Home Learning Lending Library.  We hope that our Lending Library will encourage further links with our parents; and help develop the children’s personal and social skills, their language and communication, and early maths and literacy development. The library will be open each week please see the notice board and weekly news letter for opening times.

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Autumn Term information:

For the first few weeks we will be getting to know our new friends and learning all about our new learning environment.  After this we will be exploring the Whole School Theme ‘Never Ending Story’ when we will be focusing on a range of nursery rhymes, then leading onto some well-known fairy tales. Through this theme we will explore a number of areas of learning such as colours, numbers, using our imagination and much more. 

Spring Term information:

In the Spring Term we will be learning about and celebrating a range of festivals and looking at the traditions that are carried out at this time of year.  These celebrations include; Chinese New Year, Holi, Mothering Sunday, World Book Day, Strove Tuesday and Easter.  The children will have the opportunity to access a number of different activities to develop core skills within the indoor and outdoor environment. We will continue to use Ten Town and Read, Write Inc resources and strategies to introduce and develop the children’s confidence with numbers and letter sounds. We will also be exploring the Whole School Theme ‘A Whole Lot of History’ where we will be looking at different events in the children’s life as well as exploring the concept of The Past- looking at different items from the past and what they look like now as well as indulging in our love of Dinosaurs!

Please see the weekly planning letters for information on what the children will be working on each week.  Planning letters and other information can be viewed from the 'documents' panel on the right of this page

If you are interested in a place for your child within our Nursery please contact the school main Reception and ask for Miss Iles or email the EYFS email on EarlyYearsFoundationStage@tangmere-tkat.org You can also show you interest in a place by completing and returning our Nursery Class Request Form attached.