Tangmere Reading Hunt

Look ut for our next reading event.......

Reading Within the Community

To continue to develop our love of reading, this term we will be starting a

Tangmere Reading Hunt

inspired by the ‘Look 4 a book’ Facebook pages set up around the country.  These groups have been set up to encourage families to get outside and explore their local area to find books to share as a family. 

Anyone interested in books is invited to join our Tangmere Reading Hunt.  To keep the hunt going all we ask is that participants seal their book of choice, along with a note, into a plastic bag and then hide it somewhere in the community. 

How the hunt works:-

  1. See the picture clues posted on the Tangmere Primary Academy Facebook page
  2. Go out on a hunt with your family/ friends to find the book hidden somewhere within the community.
  3. Once you have found the book – read it either at the location where you found it or at home. Taking a photo of either the book or you and your family reading the book and post it on the Tangmere Primary Academy Facebook page.
  4. Once you have finished with the book.  Place it back in the plastic bag along with the note and place in a new hiding place.
  5. Take a photo of the new hiding place and post on the Tangmere Primary Academy Facebook page, as clues for other families to use to go out on a search.


Look out for the first set Tangmere Reading Hunt clues catering for a range of age groups on the Tangmere Primary Academy Facebook page on 3rdDecember we look forward to seeing lots of you enjoying reading around Tangmere!