As it is necessary to buy suitable clothing for school, it has been agreed (after consultation with the parents) to adopt a school uniform. We believe that a school uniform gives children a feeling of belonging, encouraging co-operation, common goals and team spirit.

As you know, last September we set up online uniform purchasing with Tesco. At that time the current provider did not offer online purchasing, but they have since set up this option.
We are now pleased to be able to offer you the options of buying uniform and additional items from two companies as follows:-
The link to access the Brigade website is:-
and takes you directly to the website page, type in Tangmere Primary Academy and the selection is there for you to choose from. As you will see, Brigade can deliver your orders, whether one item or many, free of charge to the school ready for your collection.
The Tesco website link is


Most items are available from any local department store. The sweatshirts and T-shirts which have the school logo are available from Tesco Direct (https://www.tesco.com/direct/tangmere-primary-academy/17382.school?t=1499431444886&source=others). 

We are well aware of the cost of clothing and urge you to clearly label every item of your child’s clothing to avoid loss, confusion and time wastage

The uniform is as follows:

Winter Uniform:

  • Grey/black skirt or pinafore dress
  • Grey/black school trousers (NOT jeans,hipsters, tracksuits etc.)
  • School sweatshirt with logo or school blue jumper/sweatshirt
  • School cardigan with logo or school blue cardigan
  • White/light blue polo shirt/white shirt
  • Sensible dark shoes/boots

Summer Uniform:

  • Checked dress, blue and white
  • Grey/black trousers/shorts
  • White/light blue polo shirt or white shirt
  • School sweatshirt with logo or school blue jumper/sweatshirt
  • School cardigan with logo or school blue cardigan
  • Sensible shoes
  • Sun hat

All children take part in PE – it is a statutory requirement, only medical certificates allow exemption.

Kit required for PE and games:

  • PE bag suitably labelled
  • T-shirt with school logo (available in house colours) or plain t-shirt (white or house colours)
  • plain navy shorts (dark plain shorts)
  • plimsolls
  • training shoes
  • white socks

A school book bag, school PE bag and school baseball cap for summer sun protection are also available from the Tesco Direct. All children with long hair should ensure it is tied back whilst they are in school. This is for Health and Safety reasons.


Please could children wear plain headbands.


Please discourage your child from wearing jewellery to school! Jewellery is easily lost or damaged and more importantly, can cause unpleasant injuries. If your child’s ears are pierced, please see that they wear only studs which cannot be caught in
clothing, causing torn earlobes. We cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school.

Children should not be wearing make-up to school, including nail polish.