Cognition & Learning


Cognition and Learning – extra support may be needed when children are learning at a slower rate than their peers even with the usual differentiation within the class.  This may include: Moderate (MLD), severe (SLD), Profound and multiple (PMLD) and specific (SpLD) (which affects 1 or more aspects of learning such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia).

There are a number of Associations and Charities that support young people with Dyslexia and learning difficulties.  See below for links to some of these. 


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See below for Top tips for parents on how to support their child with spelling, handwriting, reading, memory, and organisation through video clips.


Explaining Dyslexia to your child

Some children find it difficult to understand their Dyslexia and how this impacts om their day to day life.  See below links to help have conversations with your child about being Dyslexic:-

Dyslexia as a super power


Other useful websites to help parents/ families to support their children with Dyslexia/ specific learning difficulties:

Multi-sensory activities to support home learning