Communication & Interaction


Communication and Interaction (SLCN) is when children have difficulties communicating with others.  This may be due to difficulties in speech articulation, understanding of what has been said or poor understanding or use of the social rules of communication.  Those children with ASD may have particular difficulties with social interaction, language, communication and/ or imagination which can impact on how they relate with others. 

Please see below for a numberof organisations that offer support and advice to oung people and families as well as links to a range of support material.  Within the tabs to the left and right you will find a number of fact files regarding different areas communication differences as well as resources that can be printed off and used within home and school. 

speech link logo 

Speech Link was founded by a number of Speech and Language Therapists and offers information on speech and language difficulties and a number of free resources to support children with sounds discrimination, developing understadning of phonics and follow and understand istructions.  These activities can be found at 


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SEN Assist 

Thisk website offers a range of free visual resources to print off and use at home and/or school as well as language based activities related to traditional fairy tales 


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The Communication Trust is an organisations which aims on supporting children who struggle with communication.  Please see their leaflet ‘Who we are and What we do’ leaflet on the tab at the right of this page along with a number of their resources on supporting communication including 

  • 10 Tips for making communication successful
  • Other ways of speaking
  • Misunderstood
  • Top Tips for developing talk
  • Listen up - pre school age
  • Listen up - school age.  



Language Development 

Please see below a number of clips of different activities that can be replicated at both home and school to support early  language development. 


Using Play Doh to develop language

Sharing books together and expanding the length of sentences

Using Mr Potato Head to build language

How to expand your child’s vocabulary

Building your child’s communication during play