Hunter Class - Year 2

Useful websites

Many websites are offering free trials/access during the school closures.

Here are just some of them. Many are for multiple ages so please make sure you have logged on and found the suitable parts for your children.


Find lots of phonics games on this site, fun for all but especially useful for children who are still on RWI. There is usually a charge for subscription but phonicsplay have made access free during this period. Once you are on the site you will be given a user name and password to use to gain access to the games.

Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube from Monday 23rd March.

These are specially for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons with a RWI trainer every day for the next two weeks. Films will only be available at the times below:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm

Note: films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.

Year 2 children should watch set 3 speed sound sessions. If they are less confident readers, set 2 is recommended.


Look up activities for 5-7 year olds.

Number games including number bonds, doubling and halving.

Look for activities for 5-7 year olds.

Lots of times tables games.

More work on times tables. Look at 2, 5 and 10 times.

This is up and running again.

This is a sister website of ttrockstars. For the time being they are offering free membership for ttrockstar members – which is us! If you log in to ttrockstars you can click on the numbots icon and get free access to lots of attractive number games with coins to spend in a similar way to ttrockstars. Follow the instructions. You can pick a level to begin on and work your way up in terms of difficulty.

White Rose have prepared some home learning worksheets for each year group.

Free access


Comic stories based on different sounds (e.g. ea, ew, ae). Extra reading once you have run out of school books. Again free access during this period.

You will need to be a member of the library service but can then borrow ebooks for free through RB digital. A fantastic resource for adults and children alike.

You’ll need to register on Oxford Owl but will then have free access to lots of ebooks. A fantastic resource for early readers. They are going to be adding lots of RWI resources in the coming weeks.

Listen to stories read by actors.

Read aloud animated story books. One month free access.

Lots of stories to listen to. Free access at the moment.

Authors reading their stories aloud.


Videos on different KS1 topics. Look in particular at plants and at habitats.

Lots of English and maths games.

Twinkl are offering free access to parents for a month in the first instance.

Go to

and use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to gain access.

There is a parents hub for advice and lots of home learning activities for Year 2.

Ideas for home activities

Learning about the world


5 minute move kids workout videos. NB the Body Coach will be doing a live workout for kids every morning at 9 on You Tube starting from Monday.

Lots of movement, songs and dance linked to English and maths skills. Search under KS1.

lots of free dance/fitness videos for children