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Primary Futures Assembly – January 2020

As part of our ongoing Careers education, we worked with Primary Futures to connect with a range of people working in different industries and job roles.

In January 2020, we invited 12 volunteers into school for a ‘What’s my line assembly?’ for KS2 children.  Children were able to pose questions which the volunteers were able to answer with yes or no answers.  The children then had to guess the job and industry that the volunteer worked in.  Once the children had guessed, the volunteers revealed their job roles and spoke about the work that they did.

After the assembly, children in years 5 and 6 met with the volunteers to find out even more about their jobs, skills and training.  There was a great buzz in the hall with lots of excellent discussions going on.

The event was so successful that it is featured as a case study on the Primary Futures website and can be viewed by clicking on the link below: