Online and E safety

It can be hard to talk to your child about Online and E Safety.  It can often be daunting for Parents and Carers, as they may have concerns about their own understanding of the topic and their knowledge of latest developments.

In school, children’s use of the internet is carefully filtered, meaning that children viewing inappropriate material is very unlikely. Many parents worry about creating this same ‘safe space’ for internet use at home.

Teaching children to be safe online is about more than just blocking inappropriate content. In school, our Online and E safety lessons with children focus on responsible use of the internet, being a good digital and online citizen, sharing information wisely, understanding digital foot prints, recognising and minimising risks and knowing what to do if they see or hear something inappropriate or that they are uncomfortable with.

We recognise that creating and maintaining an open and honest dialogue about Online and E Safety is critical in understanding children’s worries about staying safe online and children feeling that they can say when something has upset or worried them.  Teachers will often have short, informal discussions with their classes or groups as issues or worries arise.

There are a wealth of resources available to parents to help understand the issues children face in a fast paced online world.  We have gathered together some useful resources and links below and to the right.  We would strongly advise parents to do 3 key things to help keep children safe online at home.

  1. Make use of the information and resources on this page to understand the risks and keep children safe online
  2. Use the guidance below and to the right to make use of parental controls and privacy settings to minimise the risks to children online
  3. Regularly talk to children about what they are doing and who they might be talking to.  Show interest in what they are doing – be positive but open about things you are worried about

We are keen to inform parents and hope that this page directs parents to information to support parents to engage in discussions with children about Online and E Safety.  If you need any further advice or have a useful resource to add, please let us know at the school office.

Useful Resources, links and Sources of Information

A range of posters and leaflets can be round in the documents list on the right hand side of this page.

The NSPCC have a huge amount of information and advice relating to a range of online safety issues.  This main page signposts parents to a range of other pages and websites.


Net Aware is a joint initiative between o2 and the NSPCC and has particularly useful information about the range of apps and online games that children use.  It gives age ratings and information about the possible risks associated with using it.  Through this site you can live chat, phone a helpline or make an appointment with an o2 guru for further advice and information about Online and E safety.