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Chichester Children's Book Fest 2019

Book Fest 1

To help inspire the children’s love of reading, this term TPA took part in

Chichester’s Children’s Book Fest.

This celebration of books links beautifully with our Autumn Term Theme ‘Never Ending Story’ where all the classes are using quality fairytale and/ or fantasy texts to inspire learning.  While studying these books the children are answering the question ‘How many different stories/ tales do you know?’ and working towards our Global Problem of ‘How can we use what we learn from stories to impact positively on our world?’

We celebrated Book fest throughout the week beginning 31st September with a number of reading activities, centred around our visiting author Abie Longstaff who visited us on the afternoon of Thursday 3rd October. Some of these activities included;

The children in our Sunflower Class used Abie’s book ‘The Mummy Shop’ to help them think about their own mum’s and their special qualities, which they enjoyed telling Abie all about!  

In Meteor Class the children looked at Abie’s ‘The Magic Potion Shop’ books to inspire them to write their very own potions linked to their Draganology work. 

During her visit Abie carried out a workshop with all our Key Stage Two children which focused on her ‘Trap Door Mysteries’ series.  This included Abie explaining how she gets inspired to write, sharing a range of different props and techniques and working with the children to organise their thoughts to plan their own stories.  All the children within Key Stage Two received their own signed copy of one of Abie’s ‘Trap Door Mysteries’ books  which they will be using in class as either their whole class reader or to inspire their own Trap Door adventure, before they take them home.

Everyone was extremely excited to meet and work with Abie Longstaff, which was captured in the farewell from one child who told Abie

“It was a dream come true to meet you!”

We are looking forward to Chichester's Children's Book Fest 2020!


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