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Smart School Council



Our Smart School Council enables all children in our school to be involved, allowing every child to have a voice in a variety of school activities and decisions.  Our Smart School Council supports students to develop key skills around oracy, confidence and leadership, as well as learning how to become active democratic citizens.

There are three main elements to our School Council:

  • Communication team: who brings the ideas together, facilitates wider involvement and tracks the progress of the different projects.
  • Action teams: any student can set up an action team based on an idea or issue that they have, with a group of friends.
  • Class meetings: which are student-led meetings in every class across the school from Year 1-


Communication Team

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Early Years outdoor area Action Group 

This year we are lucky enough to be working with another group of University students as part of their Creativity Project.  These students will be working with members of our School Council to improve the mud kitchen and create an outdoor reading area for the nursery class. The members of this action group are keen to raise money to help make this project as successful as possible.  For information on how you can help please see the tab to the right. 


Sage House Action Group

Our school are excited about the community links that we have with Sage House Dementia Hub.  All the children within the school have the opportunity to visit Sage House at some point throughout the year, when they will meet a number of clients and get to talk and read to them.  Last year our Dementia Hub Action Group enjoyed hosting a Dementia Walk for Dementia Action Week 2019.  The children accompanied a number of clients on a walk around the school grounds and then served them some refreshments while some of the children led an impromptu singing session.  We are looking forward to what the children have planned for Dementia Action Week 2020! 


Reading and Chill Out Zone Group

Last year the Reading and Chilll Out Zone group worked with some students from the University of Chichester to redevelop an unused area of the playground to create an inviting area for children to relax, read, chat and draw.  This year the group are looking to raise money to develop the area further by creating a storage area and increaasing the book stock. 

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