School Council

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TPA’s School Council

Our School Council is an integral part of life at TPA and they play an important part in school improvement.

Annually elections are held where the whole school vote for the school Chair, Vise Chair, Secretary and Treasurers after each candidate presents their manifestos within a whole school assembly.  Voting takes place within their classrooms.

At the beginning of term Class Representatives are also elected by their peers.

Once the 10 members of the School Council are in place, fortnightly meetings commence. The Chair and their panel meet regularly with the SLT Team to plan the agenda for the full School Council meetings so that a range of discussions can take place.

Through the School Council Meetings the children are able to discuss and decide upon items such as:

·        The Whole School Charity – and ways to raise funds for these.

·        Working on community links

·        Analyzing class and whole school data and discussing ways to improve this

·        Discussing ways to improve attainment within the school

·        Monitoring and implementing codes of conduct for playtimes

·        Any other items which the pupils feel needs to be discussed and acted upon.

School Council meetings are followed up by Class Council meetings where representatives are able to establish the views and opinions of their peers through leading debates alongside their class teacher.

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