Year 5

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Y5 Science Week

The children in year five had a thoroughly enjoyable week and undertook some great activities at school, as well as venturing out to Orminston Six Villages Academy to take part in some fantastic science enrichment sessions.

The week began with looking at a variety of different scientist and discovering what they were famous for. After finding out about these scientists, they then chose a scientist of their choice to do some research into their lives. After a day of science at school, the children then attended some enrichment sessions at a secondary school. This included finding out what things were acid or alkalis. They also watched as bright, colourful fireworks were created using a Bunsen burner and a range of different metals. Quite unbelievable!

The children also undertook an experiment of their own, once they had returned to school, this was to find out which material was the best at absorbing water. What we discovered was rather surprising. The week ended with a visit from the Chichester Council, this was to develop our understanding of our bodies, whilst undertaking workshops based on the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’. It was a brilliant end to a fantastic science week.