Year 4

Please see the pictures on the right from our Shakespeare week

Please see the picutres on the right from World Book Day

Science Week

In spitfire class, we looked at changing states of matter and the water cycle. We started by looking at how the water cycle works and some of the key words to go with this. After this, we decided to create our own water cycles using a sandwich bag and water. We sellotaped these to the window and watched over the week our own water cycle coming to life! Over the next few days, we completed lots of different experiments, changing solids into liquids, liquids into gasses and mixing solids and liquids to create a gas. We all had an experiment each where we predicted what would happen and then tested our theories to see if we were right or not. On the final day, we spent the morning looking at changing states of matter and why some processes can’t be reversed. We decided to look particularly at baking. We looked at mixing different solids and liquids and then putting this in the oven to make or own bread rolls. In the afternoon, we were all able to eat our creation with jam and butter, which was delicious!

We took a trip to the Novium Museum on the 9th October - see the tab on the right for our pictures!