Reading and phonics at Tangmere Primary Academy

Reading is an essential skill for life and, therefore an extremely important within our children’s daily education.  For this reason the school has been investigating the most effective way of teaching our children phonics to ensure that all children leave Tangmere independent and confident readers.

Jolly Phonics has been used within the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.  A programme that uses pictures, sounds and actions to support the children in a multi-sensory way to motivate children in their learning. 

The five skills taught in Jolly Phonics

  1. Learning the letter sounds - the alphabet and diagraphs
  2. Learning letter formation -Using different multi-sensory methods
  3. Blending
  4. Identifying the sounds in words (Segmenting)
  5. Tricky words

For more information of Jolly Phonics see http://jollylearning.co.uk/overview-about-jolly-phonics/

As of mid- November 2014 Tangmere Primary Academy will be using a scheme called Read Write Inc, created by a Headteacher, Ruth Miskin. This is a whole school initiative to raise standards in phonics and reading and, therefore, all staff will undertake training. 

The Read, Write, Inc is a structured synthetic phonics scheme, enabling children to learn the crucial elements of learning to read.  These consist of learning;

  • The sounds represented by the written letter (grapheme)
  • How to blend sounds together to make words.

The scheme also teaches ‘tricky’ words’ and uses reading books to reinforce the letter sounds and tricky words being taught in those sessions. 

The children will start the scheme when they join the school in Nursery and will work through the scheme until they can read confidently with good understanding. At Tangmere RWI is for children in FS1 to Yr4 and are taught within small differentiated groups to ensure that the children are being supported at the correct stage in their learning rather than their age.  The children will have a 30 minute session each day, however, extra support will be given, to individuals, ensuring that the children keep up, rather than having to catch up.

For those children in Years 5 and 6 that are experiencing difficulties in reading and phonics the ‘RWI Fresh Start’ programme will be used.  This programme uses the same phonic strategies to ensure that the children are secure with and are able to blend the 44 sounds, before moving the children forward using a range of age appropriate reading materials and activities.   This programme continues to support the key principles of reading and ensures that the child has a good understanding of the text read.

More information will become available next half term.  Parent workshops will be offered to inform parents about Read, Write Inc, but also to give advice on how you can support your child with their reading at home. Dates for these workshops will be advertised on the School Newsletter.

Research has shown that parents modelling and sharing books and reading at home has a huge impact on children’s motivation and progress in reading.  Therefore, at Tangmere Primary Academy, we regard home reading as a vital part of their learning, and encourage children to read or share a book at home on a daily basis.  Parents are encouraged to record the reading/ sharing of books within their child’s home/school book. The children will have targets in their books and once they have reached this target they will be sent to the headteacher for a sticker. Once they receive 5+ stickers they will receive a reward. 

School Book Fairs

Each term the school hosts a scholastic book fair.  These fairs last for one week and often have a range of special offers or competitions to enter.  The commission raised during these fairs provides additional books to develop the school library and classroom reading areas.