Key Stage 2 Results

KS2 Results 2016/17

Children in year 6 undertake testing in reading and maths during the first half of the Summer Term. There is not a test in writing, although there is a test of grammar, punctuation and spelling. The overall writing level is based on teacher assessment and is evidenced with different pieces of writing that the children have carried out.

There have been a number of changes to the assessment of children at the end of key stage 2 over the past couple of years, with new raised curriculum expectations.

Please see tables below for our end of KS2 results for 2016/17 and 2015/16; ARE (Age Related Expectations) is the expected standard for children to achieve by the end of KS2

  2016/17 2015/16

ARE  in reading



ARE  in writing



ARE  in maths



ARE in reading, writing and maths



ARE in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test




Average progress in reading = -2.5  
Average progress in writing = 0.0  
Average progress in mathematics = -1.5  


% of children achieving a higher standard in reading =4%  
% of children working at greater depth within expected standard in writing = 8%  
% of children achieving a higher standard in mathematics = 8%  


Average scaled score in reading = 99

Average scaled score in mathematics = 100  


Please see attached link for the DfE school performance tables: