Being a Child at TPA

Please see the file on the right from CS Clifford's visit.

Please see the pictures on the right of World Book Day.

To start off the Spring Term the children took part in a week dedicated to The Art work within our favourite children’s books. Each class created their own art in the style of the illustrations and art within their chosen text to create their own corridor display.  Please go to the Year Group tab to see what we produced.

We have a clear vision for the experiences and opportunities that our children should have before they leave us at the end of year 6. These experiences go beyond the classroom and involve such things as the children’s futures, taking on greater responsibility, visits to a variety of places and showing off their talents.

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Music Cafe - please see the link on the right to see some pictures

Children in Need 2017 - please see the link on the right to see some pictures of the day

Christmas has arrived! please see the link on the right to see what we have been up to!

Sensational Science Week

During November 2017, TPA held its 4th Science Week.  All through the school, we worked on developing our scientific skills through asking questions, developing investigations and drawing conclusions from what we discovered.  Great fun – and lots of learning – was had by all! 

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