Lysander Class (Year 6)


Year 6 Summer Term 2018

The main focus of the first part of the term will be preparation for the SATS testing in May.  Our Learning Journey in English will involve writing a balanced argument to present to either Mr Turney, or the Head teacher of our new High Schools, regarding an issue at school which we feel strongly about (it could be exams, or homework or school dinners….)

Once the testing has been completed, we shall use our afternoon sessions to take part in ‘Time To Be…’.   This is our school’s new way of organising the curriculum, allowing children to practise and develop the skills they need in order to ‘Be’ a particular person.  In Year 6, we are aiming to manage our time to cover Time to be a Geographer, Time to be an Artist and also Time to be a mathematician.  The aim is that, using the necessary skills carefully and effectively, we will be able to create an end product of: information about the country of Brazil, Brazilian Street art or artwork representing the Brazilian Rainforest, and different activities linked to a Brazilian Street Carnival which should all come together to raise money for our Year 6 Day Out at the end of the year!

During Time to be Scientists, which sits slightly separately, we shall continue to look at the function of the respiratory system and how evolution and inheritance has shaped our world.

Although there is a lot of hard work ahead, we do have plenty to look forward to; as well as our Street Carnival and Year 6 Day Out, we also have to organise our Year 6 in Charge Day (a day when we take over the running of the school) which will be our Time to Be Leaders.   We are also ending our time at the school with our residential trip.  This will take place at Newlands Park in Buckinghamshire and will encompass many other skills of Time to Be!

Please see the weekly planning letters for information on what the children have been up to!

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