Spitfire Class (Year 4)

Spitfire Class

Summer Term 2017-18

This term Spitfire Class’ main topic will be all about Anglo Saxons.

Throughout the term the children will be looking at who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and where they settled.   They will use their research skills to learn about the beliefs, language and settlements as well as using artefacts and evidence to learn more about Sutton Hoo.  The children will then use this information to produce their own non- fiction class book on the Anglo Saxons.

In Science sessions the children will be interpreting and creating food chains.  They will look at the impact of different scenarios on a range of food chains.  The children will then look at the different teeth humans have and their function as well as the different parts of the digestive system.  They will carry out experiments to help them to understand the functions of the digestive system  They will then create their own labelled 3d model of the digestive system. 

In PE the children will be taking part within athletics sessions to practice a range of skills in preparation for sports day.  In the second half of the summer term the children will take part in swimming sessions.

Please see the weekly planning letters for information on what the children have been up to!

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