Spitfire Class (Year 4)

Spring half-term 1

Our topic for this half –term is based around the classic Ted Hughes story ‘The Iron Man’.

We will introduce this topic through Art and Design Technology by designing and building our own model Iron men. Additionally, we will be sketching and painting some of the settings from the book itself.

In science we will be learning all about electricity, by testing simple circuits with motors, light bulbs and switches. We will investigate what are good insulators and conductors.

In geography we will be learning about the world around us including the countries of Europe, their latitude and longitude, the equator as well as what gives us night and day and the different time zones.

Maths for this half term will concentrate on multiplication and division methods including answering related word problems. This is all based through our exciting, new Maths programme ‘Maths No problem’.

In PE Year 4 will be doing gymnastics this half term and we will also introduce our exciting, new programme, called REAL PE, which has a real focus on building social skills, like team building, as well as on the skills of balance, coordination and improving personal fitness.

I’m really looking forward to our writing this half term which will be based around the story of ‘the Iron Man’ including diary entries, in the role of the main character, persuasive letter writing and newspaper reports.

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