Hunter Class (Year 2)

Hunter Class Topic Summer Term 2018

For the first half of the summer term we will be focusing on revising for SATs, but for the second half our topic will be Living Things and Their Environments. Please see below to find out some of the exciting and creative learning we will be undertaking.

We will be learning about plants in science and will identify plants in the school grounds. We will examine plants from life and label the main parts. We will learn about seeds and bulbs and will sow runner beans in jam jars so we can watch them germinate and record the changes we observe.  We will find out what plants need to stay alive and will design and carry out a fair experiment to find out which factors affect germination and growth (water, warmth, light etc.) We will extend this to learn what all living things need to survive (water, food and air). We will learn which parts of plants can be used for food and hope to arrange a visit to the local pepper farm.

We will learn about different kinds of habitats and how animals and plants are adapted to live in their particular environments. We will find a strange creature in the school pond area and will make posters to put up around the local area, describing it carefully and asking if anyone knows anything about it. We will get a letter from a ‘neighbour’ in response and will discover that the creature is a ‘Bog Baby’ and will be sent a book about it: Bog Baby written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Gwen Millward. This is our key text and will be the stimulus for much of our writing. We will look after Bog Baby in its own living small world and will communicate with it in letter form as we learn what it likes and doesn’t like. We will find out what it gets up to at night time when we are not there. However, eventually it will get sad and we will learn that we have taken it out of its natural habitat and will have to return it to where it belongs.

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