Meteor Class (Year 3)


Spring Term 2018 Topic:

This Spring Term meteors’ main topic will be ‘Extreme Earth’.

During our topic we will have a chance to look closely at the different weather types our earth experiences from bush fires to hurricanes. We will be locating parts of the world on maps and seeing where different weathers are most likely to be seen. As well as weather we will be also looking at volcanoes and earth quakes. We will get to see how volcanoes are formed and even get to make our own erupting volcano!

In science, we will have a chance to explore and look at different rock formations as well as magnets and forces.

Our main focus will be on the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton, who led many expeditions to the Antarctic. We will find out all about his heroic travels and will even have a chance to join his crew!

In English we will have a chance to apply for a job with Ernest Shackleton, write diary entries about our travels with him and write a poem about extreme weather.

Measures will be a main focus in maths as well as all four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In PE, we are lucky enough to be doing Gymnastics with our school’s gymnastics coach and we will also be doing OAA (Outdoor Adventurous Activities).