Please see the pictures on the right of our class Nativity.

During Science Week Sunflower class carried out a range of experiments based around The Gingerbread man. They explored why the Gingerbread man stopped when he got to the river by putting Gingerbread men into water to see what happened. They collected vocabulary to describe what was happening to the gingerbread man and then explored what happened to the Gingerbread man when he fell into other liquids. The children were also keen to help the Gingerbread man cross the river so that he could get away from the fox. Therefore they designed and built boats and bridges -investigating which materials were the best, and which held the most weight. The children also made their own Gingerbread men looking closely at how the ingredients changed when it was mixed, kneeled, and heated. We had great fun decorating and eating them too!

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This half term the children from Sunflower Class met the Postman from the book The Jolly Postman. Click on the link on the right to see more!