Staying Safe at Tangmere Primary Academy

At Tangmere, both the physical and emotional safety of the children is extremely important and plays a key role in everything we do: from Child Protection procedures, to risk assessments, to the curriculum. Below are the key aspects of what we do and how we do it in order to ensure children are safe and feel safe at our school and when they go out into the world.

Child Protection

Child Protection is clearly a key part of our day to day work and we take this responsibility very seriously. Please see our Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy on the school website, which is updated at least annually. All staff and governors received updated training on child protection in September 2016. Our designated members of staff for child protection are Mr Turney, Headteacher, Miss Golds, Deputy Headteacher and Miss Iles, Assistant Headteacher whose safeguarding children training was updated in September 2015. Statutory requirements are that this training is completed every two years. Our link governor for child protection is Rosemary Perry, Chair of Governors.

Through our selection process we are clear that we believe in robust child protection and that all successful applicants will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service check(DBS) and other relevant checks before they can start in school. All of our selection panels have at least one person who has passed Safer Recruiting Training to ensure that robust child protection procedures are put in place at recruitment level. Regular volunteers are also subject to DBS checks, although we only allow 1:1 work with children in public areas such as the corridor.


Staying safe on-line is a very important part of the keeping children safe even when they are not in school and we see this as part of our work on child protection. We have had assemblies on E-Safety as a part of E-Safety week and information was made available to parents after school in the Spring term. We will be working with our Computing support team to carry out further activities for both the children and the parents in the future.

Medical Conditions

Please see our Medical Needs Policy on the school website for how the school can support children with medical conditions, ensuring that they are able to access the curriculum alongside their peers and are given the care and support needed achieve their full potential in and out of school.

For children who have severe allergies we take appropriate steps to keep them healthy in school. We can provide special menus for children with certain allergies. If this applies to your child, please come and let us know at the school office.

 All staff have received paediatric first aid training, with two members of staff being the designated first aiders in the school due to extended training. All staff receive annual training on Epi-pen use.