Hunter Class (Year 2)

Spring Term 2017 topic

Science Week

The whole school is beginning the term with the first three days devoted entirely to science. The year 2 science topic this term is Materials so we will be focussing on this. We will be finding out about natural and man-made materials and their properties (such as strength, flexibility, elasticity, absorbency etc.) and what makes objects fit for purpose. We will be focussing on using scientific skills such as asking and investigating questions, performing simple tests, identifying and classifying, observing closely and using those observations to suggest answers to questions, and gathering and recording data.

The Great Fire of London

The main topic for this term will be ‘The Great Fire of London’, and outlined below is just some of the exciting and creative learning we are planning.

We will be finding out about life in Stuart London and why the fire spread so quickly and burned for so long. We will compare everyday life then and now, making lists of similarities and differences. We will learn about time lines and sequence historical events. We will use a range of historical sources and evidence including contemporary paintings, illustrations and documents. We will be writing a newspaper report on the fire including an ‘eye witness account’. We will explore personalities important in the story of the fire: the baker Thomas Farriner and Charles II, but most importantly the diarist Samuel Pepys, and will use his diaries to inspire writing our own. I am hoping to arrange a visit to The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum where we will be able to see different building materials and go inside houses from a similar time as The Great Fire of London.

We will learn about London as our nation’s capital and where to locate it on a map of Great Britain; recognising and naming England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We will study maps of London before and after the fire. We will explore London using Google Earth, and find locations important in the story of the fire.

We will learn about fire safety and the modern fire service, finding similarities and differences between firefighting in 1666 and today.  We are hoping to arrange a visit from a firefighter and will write a non-chorological report about their work. We will write a leaflet of fire safety instructions. We will make up narratives in our small world fire station, and explore weight and money in a ‘Pudding Lane bakery’ role play area.

We will explore warm colours in art using a range of materials, painting fire pictures as backgrounds for silhouettes of London buildings. We will experiment with charcoal and learn about the work of the artist Alberto Burri.


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